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Intertwining Julie & Julia

August 21, 2009

“French people eat French food every single day! I can’t get over it!”       Meryl Streep as Julia Child in Julie & Julia

Last week I made my pilgrimage to see Julie & Julia.  This film intertwines the lives of Julia Child who brought French cooking to Americans and Julie Powell who brought Julia Child to the blogosphere.  It is oozing with beautiful shots of French cuisine intermingled with French cityscape.  Amy Adams plays the dreary New Yorker who livens up her nights cooking her way through The Art of French Cooking and Meryl Streep plays the original foodie and lover, Julia Child.

The humorous spirit of Julia Child is captured so beautifully by Streep.  She had me in stitches the whole time.  It was amazing to hear the letters that told the story of her life and vividly see the passion that she had for French cuisine.  I can’t wait for the “making of” to see how they made 5’6″ Streep appear 6’2″.

Although my favorite parts of the movie were of Julia Child’s life, I really enjoyed the way that the Julie/Julia Project was woven in the film.  It’s not often we get to see blogging portrayed on the big screen.  (Blogging is not exactly a glamorous endeavor.)  It was fun to see the lobster boiling antics alongside the excitement of Julie’s first blog comment only to find out it was just her nagging mom.

This is the type of movie that moves me to run out and start cooking, blogging or simply eating.  I’m going to buy it on DVD when it’s released so I can watch it whenever I need inspiration.


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