Malissa’s Meal Plan – September 22nd


 Guest Post: Here’s another week of my meal planning. Perhaps one of these weeks I’ll get my act together and have this done on Sunday night. Your week starts on Monday…mine starts on Tuesday. Tomato tomahto, right? 🙂

Tuesday – Chili and Cornbread

Wednesday – Sautéed Shrimp with Warm Tropical Fruit Salsa – You’ll probably see this on my menu plan frequently. This is a family favorite as it has lots of our favorite foods: my kids love mango and shrimp, my husband is a big fan of anything with coconut, and my love of mango is only surpassed by Rainier cherries!

Thursday – Herb and Chili Flake Buttered Chicken – Yes, this is on the menu again. It’s always a big hit and I found a good deal on whole chickens while at the grocery store.

Friday – Tacos – We’re having a big playgroup at our house, so I’ll have this on hand for lunch. I’m hoping there will be enough left for dinner.

Saturday – Dairy Free Biscuits and Gravy – It’s the ever popular breakfast for dinner! This recipe is from our latest episode. I seem to be using a lot of Kim’s great recipes this week. Do you think that means she’ll come cook them too?

Sunday – Cheeseburgers, strawberry smoothies, and Sweet Potato Fries


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