Malissa’s Meal Planning – September 8th


Guest Post: With Kim’s encouragement, I thought I’d try my hand at meal planning. I can’t tell you how many times I look in my pantry at the witching hour and hope for some magic meal to appear. It’s also possible I go to the grocery store without recipes in mind and end up making multiple grocery store trips once I know what I’m making. I think my husband and kids will really appreciate me getting more organized about our meals!

I think this will take a couple of tries to figure out how to incorporate leftovers and my family’s busy schedules into the meal plan. Here we go:

Tuesday: Herb and Chili Flake Buttered Chicken and corn on the cob – I’m testing out this roast chicken recipe for Kim. And of course she made it for our family recently, so I’m sure they’ll be honest if it doesn’t taste quite as wonderful as when Kim prepared it.

Wednesday: Tortilla Soup and bread – I’ve had this recipe bookmarked for quite some time.  And, I’m hoping we’ll have leftover chicken from Tuesday or maybe I’ll roast two birds.

Thursday: Date night – no cooking for me!

Friday: Grilled Salmon, couscous, and Roasted Zucchini with Garlic – We make this salmon recipe all the time; it’s so yummy and simple to make.

Saturday: Phyllo Wrapped Cod and Caprese Salad – The cod recipe is another that I’m testing for Kim and I have it on her authority that it’s a great recipe. I believe “OMGBBQ” was the first thing I heard from Kim after she created this dish! The salad should be fantastic as it is peak tomato season in my small garden.

Sunday: Leftovers


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One Response to “Malissa’s Meal Planning – September 8th”

  1. Kim Says:

    LOL! OMGBBQ is what I said!

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