I found vegan heaven at Tilth, but don't worry, they serve steak too


Doing research for my Skagit River Ranch Farm Day post, I heard about this James Beard Award winning local chef, Maria Hines.  She has an organic cuisine restaurant in Seattle called Tilth.  Of course I made reservations right away.

We sat in the outside dining area and it was quite charming.  Despite being right on a busy road, Chef Hines has done a beautiful job of creating a city get-away garden feel.  I’d read on their website that there was a vegan menu.  Even before I figured out I had a dairy allergy I loved vegan food for the freshness and creativity.  Tilth did not disappoint on either of these facets.  The other neat thing about this restaurant is that you can order a half portion of any dish.  Since three of the items on the vegan menu looked good to me, I ordered all three!

Before dinner came, hubby ordered a mojito and the waitress said, “I just have to go out back and pick the mint for it.”  I knew we were in for a treat then.  This take on the Cuban classic was so refreshing and much crisper than any I’d had before.  Apparently they should be made with Pellegrino, not club soda.

Next came a delightful amuse-bouche:  red pepper soup on a porcelain spoon.  Hubby’s had creme fraiche.  Without my prompting, they thoughtfully didn’t include any creme on my portion since I’d ordered off the vegan menu.

My appetizer was a chilled bowl of cucumber soup.  My, how I love a good cucumber soup in summer.

For my first main, they served the pea risotto with pine nuts and basil chiffonade.  It was light, balanced, fresh and probably the best risotto I’ve had yet.  I ordered a second half portion.

The second main was pot au feau with local summer squash, beans, peas and other veggies.  Rodger loved this one.  He ate most of it.

Now, if I haven’t lost the meat eaters yet, don’t think Tilth forgot about you.  For appetizer, we had pork which was cured for three weeks and sliced thin served with a berry coulee and pistachios.  Then duck burgers with a spicy aioli that was anything but lacking in flavor.  Hubby would like me to note that he was upset that the aioli wasn’t mentioned on the menu.  This is one of his pet peeves.  Finally, he had a steak, of course, which was good, but the portion small for hearty eaters (and that was the full portion).

To top off this delectable parade was Theo’s Chocolate Sorbet made with hazelnut and lemon marmalade served over strawberries.  A perfectly rich ending to a rejuvenating culinary experience.

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