Carving Roast Chicken


Once again I find myself saying that maybe we should just change the name of this blog to “Alton Brown Fan Club.”

A couple nights ago I roasted a beautiful herb and chili flake buttered chicken. After I was tired from spending hours in the kitchen chopping, dicing and baking, I asked if anyone would like to “do the honors” of slicing the bird. The room went silent. And so, I went to work. To be honest, I was glad it was me carving it. Even though it wasn’t my best work, I was glad it was done properly.  It breaks my heart to see a perfectly roasted chicken get butchered haplessly.

I certainly wasn’t born with a knack for butchering – I was actually born with an affinity for vegetarianism. But one day I watched this episode of Good Eats with a creative explanation of chicken carving utilizing a model dinosaur (minute 4:30 in the video):

Then, I wanted to practice. I just happened to have signed up to cook a meal for Tent City 4 with my church that week and we had 15 chickens to butcher. I learned that repetition is the key to confidence. I shall never fear carving again.


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One Response to “Carving Roast Chicken”

  1. malissa Says:

    And what a wonderful chicken it was! Todd and I will definitely check out this video. I’m sure if I practice with your roast chicken recipe, he’d be happy to practice his carving skillz.

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