Make-Ahead Cooking


Guest Post: Malissa is guest posting today as Kim is off on vacation celebrating her anniversary!

I’m bringing a meal to a friend that just had a baby. It used to cause me a bit of stress to figure out a good meal for these situations. Since discovering The Best Make-Ahead Recipe cookbook, I have a handful of recipes that work really well.

This cookbook is from the editors at “Cook’s Illustrated” and they have a prominent place in my kitchen. I’m not a “natural cook” but can follow a recipe. I test Kim’s recipes to make sure any idiot (uh, me) can follow them, so I appreciate the detail in their recipe instructions. Another thing I like about “Cook’s Illustrated” is that they look for shortcuts in recipes, but not at the expense of taste. Also, they thoroughly test ingredient brands and equipment to let you know when it’s worth spending top dollar.

Ok, so that’s why I love anything “Cook’s Illustrated” publishes, but the specific reason I love this cookbook is because of all the instructions for serving right away, assembling for storage in the refrigerator or freezer, baking half/freezing half, and supersizing the dish. The tips are so useful if you want to prepare something ahead of time, cook the same dish for your family and another family, take a hot dish to a family and bring an extra meal for the freezer, etc. I think these make-ahead recipes are perfect for the once-a-month cooking trend or to take a little stress out of a dinner party or holiday meal.

I’m off to enjoy our Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole with Peas, Carrots, and Cheddar (homemade bread crumbs on top, HALLELUJAH). Check out this recipe and so many more:  


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One Response to “Make-Ahead Cooking”

  1. Kim Says:

    I’ve been working on a post about prepping food ahead of time too. Great minds think alike. : )

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