Ignite Seattle 7 Complete with Food Enthusiasts


Note:  I’ll come back and add links to the YouTube videos of these talks as soon as they’re posted.

Of course everyone knows geeks are smart, but they are also funny, quick-witted, compassionate and often times serious foodies.  This round of Ignite speakers had all of these attributes wrapped in delicious 5-minute packages.  Of course my favorite two talks were Matthew Amster-Burton’s What is Baby Food? and Vanessa Fox’s Life’s Too Short To Eat Bad Food.

Everyone assumes since I’m a cook and new mom that I spend my days slaving over pots and strainers making home-made purees for my baby.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  When Rodger’s not having my nutritious breast milk, he eats right off my plate.  Sometimes I wonder where to draw the line though.  Spicy foods?  Sushi?  Seattle food writer Matthew Amster-Burton told us how he fed all these things to his kids and more.

If you’re looking for easy ways to entertain, check out SEO expert Vanessa Fox’s talk.  To be honest, I was a little bummed she wasn’t going to be presenting on search engine optimization, but then she gave such an informative food talk I forgave her.  : )  Here are some of her tips (I’ll add more once the videos are posted):

  • Make you guests do the work by serving pita pockets, burgers and the like
  • Bread has to be sliced, crackers don’t

Here’s a pic from my camera phone of everyone playing a massive game of rock-paper-scissors before the talks began:

Ignite Seattle 7

Here were my other favorite talks, in no particular order:

Elan Lee (elanlee) – I Wish I Was Taller

Yoram BaumanPrinciples of economics, translated

Lauren Bricker (brickware) – Geek Generation

Rob GruhlHow to Take Better Pictures

Todd Sawicki (sawickipedia) – How I learned to Appreciate Dance Being Married to a Ballerina

And finally, a note about the venue.  I’ve heard many complaits about lack of AC at King Cat.  While that’s true and it’s also true that I had to enter from a door around the back because the front was a bar and I had baby Rodger with me (thanks for protecting us from ourselves archaic WA liquor laws), I thought it was a huge improvement over CHAC.  Sorry to knock this classic Seattle joint, but I always left there with a migraine.  King Kat also had much better seating and parking was a cinch.



4 Responses to “Ignite Seattle 7 Complete with Food Enthusiasts”

  1. Ignite Seattle 7 Recap Says:

    […] Building Blocks Show – Ignite Seattle 7 Complete with Food Enthusiasts […]

  2. Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food. Says:

    That was a fun night. My forst Ignite event. I plan to go to future ones.
    I’m a mom too so I know what you mean about quicking quick and easy meals (I’ve posted some tips and weekly meal plans last year, if you’re interested.)
    As for Matthew Amster-Burton, he has one child (kid, not kids), and I think it’s smarts and luck to have a child that eats sushi etc. But ANY child, like any adult, has things s/he will never ever eat… until tomorrrow… or next week. It constantly changes.

  3. Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food. Says:

    oh, shoot, typos…
    “forst” – first, “quicking” – cooking

  4. Kim Says:

    Nurit – I love all the beautiful pics on your blog. That’s something I’m working on improving right now. Thanks for the correction about Matthew’s kid. I’m waiting for the videos to be put up on YouTube so I can see all the stuff I missed while baby was fussing in the wings. : )

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