My Favorite Things: Bench Knife


In My Favorite Things I report on my favorite cooking accessories.  The first installment is bench knives.

It goes by many names:  bench knife, dough scraper and pastry cutter, just to name a few.  I originally bought a bench knife to assist in turning and portioning dough, but I use it transfer chopped veggies and meat from the cutting board to the pan almost every time I cook.  It is also great for smashing garlic – and much safer than smashing with the flat of a sharp knife. 

So how much will a bench knife set you back?  This is the best part.  I picked mine up at Ikea years ago for just a couple bucks.  It is stainless steel and has weathered countless trips through the dishwasher without rusting.  You should be able to find one at any cooking store. 

Bench Knife


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