Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Cake


Here is the ice cream cake I made for Louise’s baby shower. It is chocolate with Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream and no-butter icing. I learned a ton while doing this one. Putting the cake together was actually very easy. Malissa made the cake, cut it in half and gave it to me. I lined the bread pan it was made in with plastic wrap, leveled the top of the cake off and put the bottom in the pan. Then I put the ice cream which had been sitting in the fridge for a while into a bowl and stirred it until it was smooth (1 & 1/2 pints). I spread the ice cream over the first layer, added the top and squished it down. I then froze the cake overnight.

Decorating was where it got difficult. Most recipes online say to decorate with ice cream. I didn’t know why, so I used regular frosting, which I thought would be easier to work with. So I put the icing on top, which looked great and proceeded to ice the sides. Then came the avalanche. All the icing on the sides slid down to the counter. Great. So, apparently frosting doesn’t stick to ice cream. Lesson learned and no frosted sides for this cake.

Were I to do this again I would also find a deep freezer to keep it in. I was only able to have it out of the freezer for a few minutes at a time before it would melt, but at Malissa’s house, where she has a proper freezer, after two hours in there it could then be left out for 20 minutes before melting.

Ice Cream Cake Top

Ice Cream Cake Side


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